Referral Scheme Terms & Conditions - Rocketbook EU

Referral Scheme Terms & Conditions

  • You will get £100/€100 paid in bank transfer as a referral bonus should your company/employer place an order of 50 or more Rocketbook units through in the EU/UK only. Orders through BIC Graphic do not apply
  • To claim a referral bonus we need a paid & shipped order from your company and proof from you that you introduced Rocketbook.
  • Acceptable proof will be a screenshot of an email you sent to your boss/manager/HR etc introducing Rocketbook. The email introducing Rocketbooks to your colleagues needs to be dated earlier than the first inquiry we receive from your company. 
  • Inquiries can be made via email or via our website
  • All payments are at the full discretion of Rocketbook
  • All orders are subject to standard terms and conditions
  • Scheme is valid until 31/05/2023

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