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Introducing Rocketbook Color (And 5 Reasons to Order Yours Now)

September 09, 2017 3 min read

Introducing Rocketbook Color (And 5 Reasons to Order Yours Now)

Parents: we've got your number. We know your kids produce an astonishing amount of art. We also know you feel guilt about sending it to the graveyard (the trash can) and frustration around having no way to save it short of buying a storage unit. But don't worry--we've got your back. We've come up with a product that will let you save, share, and even create animated GIFs from your childrens' masterpieces; a kid-safe, family friendly, infinitely reusable cloud-connected notebook; a product that will make you the envy of your friends, a hero to your children and a better parent. Welcome toRocketbook Color.

No more reams of construction paper.Just throw them away. You don't need them anymore. The pages of Rocketbook Color erase when used with Crayola Wet Erase, Dry Erase and Washable crayons and markers. Switching to Rocketbook Color will let you save paper AND let you blast your notes to the cloud.

No more guilt.We know you're ashamed. We know that, just hours after you gushed praise over the masterpiece junior was so proud to show you when you picked him up from school at 3:30, by 9:00, you're burying it deeply in the trash can. If you've ever prowled into the kitchen like a thief in the night, covering toddler art with dinner leftovers and coffee grounds, it's time for a better solution.

No more clunky, time-consuming scanning. Yeah. We know this one is a long shot. If you'rethatparent (the one who actually finds time to scan your kids' artwork), take a break from packing that bento box with organic, fun-cut vegetables you're making them for tomorrow's lunch and pay attention: go sell your flatbed scanner on eBay. Rocketbook Color will save you a ton of time by letting you automate your destinations. Share and archive instantly with a single scan. You don't have to be a hero!!

No more making Grandma beg for scraps.Apart from your kids, let's be honest about who the other big loser of irresponsible art disposal is: Grandma. She is a vortex of want for proof of what she already knows--that her grandchildren (all of them) are the next Picasso. If it's your own mother we're talking about, she raised you and you owe her this. If it's your mother-in-law, you could probably use some brownie points. Rocketbook Color will let you instantly text, e-mail, or drive-share your childrens' art to their biggest fan!

No more iPad parenting. A recent study* shows that it takes the average preschool or elementary-aged child approximately four and a half minutes to finish the typical activity sheet provided by some restaurants. In other words, five minutes after you sit down to your meal, someone will be begging you to play a game on your phone or tablet. Because Rocketbook Color is easy to take anywhere, and because pages erase with a cloth, they can occupy your children for hours. The pages also have varied configurations: lined pages for little writers, dot grid pages for diagramming and graphing, and blank pages for traditional drawing!

So, where can youpre-order Rocketbook Color? Check out the campaign on Kickstarter! Early backers will receive their books in November. Ordering a bundle will let you stockpile enough books to occupy your own children, furnish holiday gifts for your nieces and nephews and even leave you with a few more to give as a birthday party gift that parents and kids will love!

*This "recent study" was conducted with a population size of two children who may or may not be related to Rocketbook employees.


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