Exciting Pens, Highlighters, and Markers that can be Used with Rocketb - Rocketbook EU

Exciting Pens, Highlighters, and Markers that can be Used with Rocketbook!

April 24, 2017 2 min read

Exciting Pens, Highlighters, and Markers that can be Used with Rocketbook!

We have a confession to make, folks: we’ve been holding out on you. For months, we’ve let our web site imply that blue, black and red Pilot FriXion pens are the only pens in town. We ship most books with blue or black and the three-pack of extra pens we sell on our site are great for office and classroom uses. But, the truth is, the Pilot FriXion line offers a whole lot more.

JetPens.com - Pilot Frixion Colored Pens

Pilot FriXion Pens in Numerous Colors, Styles, and Point Sizes

A trip to JetPens.com reveals Frixion pens in a rainbow of colors, with various configurations sold in packs of 6 to 24. Color palettes range from standard rainbow colors (ROYGBIV) to darker and lighter spectra, from saturated color sets to pastels. Pens meant for writing tend to be available in Ultra Fine Point size (0.5mm) whereas most color sets are Fine Point size (0.7mm). Beyond the standard capped 0.7mm pens that our books ship with, it is easy to find retractable, refillable, and multi-pen formats.

JetPens.com - Pilot Frixion Markers

Pilot FriXion Markers

Felt-tip markers that use Pilot FriXion ink are also available in a number of colors, though the marker sets may be the rarest of FriXion ink products. Though a 24-pack exists, you may be hard pressed to find it on sale in the U.S. and the 12-pack with standard colors is most common.

JetPens.com - Pilot Frixion Highlighters

Pilot FriXion Highlighters

Chisel tip highlighters are available in light pastels in packs of five or six, depending on the source. As with all pens that use FriXion ink, the ink from these highlighters is heat-sensitive and will disappear when erased. Some channels advertise these highlighters as a great option for erasing highlighting while leaving underlying text. Don’t forget that if you’re using a FriXion highlighter to mark something written in FriXion ink, that by applying heat, both will erase!

Why don’t we carry all of these wonderful products and where can you get them?

Many of the most exciting models of FriXion pen are not distributed in the U.S. and, for the time being, we have decided not to undertake the complicated logistics of a managing pen import business. On top of supply chain concerns, not all FriXion pens are non-toxic, and we want to be careful about making only certain models available directly through us. In the meantime, if you would like to expand your library of pens, a great starting point is JetPens.com. Pilot FriXion pens are available through a wide range of office and arts retailers worldwide.


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