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Design Worksheets on Free Rocketbook Pages

November 11, 2020 2 min read

Customize pages for your students, all for free

Question: While educators teach from home, how can they administer a math test? For anyone working from home, is it possible to collaborate virtually?

The Short Answer: Read this blog post.

The Long Answer:Yes. You can edit our free downloadable Rocketbook pages and put your own text on the page to create a custom worksheet or template. (Then you and students can write on the page, scan, and send it to teachers or colleagues via the Rocketbook app).

What’s Going On?

Let’s catch you up to speed. Withour free downloadable Rocketbook pages, you can design and share your very own worksheets and page templates with all your students or coworkers.

You’ll be able to create a worksheet for students to graph an equation or design a project tracking form for your team to use (these are just examples, of course you’re not limited to these two options).

Thank You

Since you read through those 7 steps, we’re giving you a little prize in the form of this gif of an astronaut getting used to the gravity on the Moon. Enjoy responsibly.


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