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Connect Your Team With Branded Rocketbooks!

March 09, 2018 2 min read

Connect Your Team With Branded Rocketbooks!

Employers are implementing new and effective ways to encourage team collaboration.Rocketbookis the perfect method for editing and contributing.

Rocketbook is the perfect method for editing and contributing!

Sometimes, you can’t explain everything you need on a shared email; you need to show your work and thought process. When crunching numbers, pen to “paper” is preferred. Have you tried to type a formula? It is not pretty! Rocketbook makes mathematic editing a breeze. Instead of jamming everyone in a conference room to huddle around a whiteboard, place the improved alternative in everyone’s laps. Rocketbook is a convenient way to write, make corrections, and engage employees.

Show appreciation!

Being a good leader doesn’t only mean verbally expressing gratitude for a job well done, but giving the right tools to get organized. How about a tool that can help your team with creativity AND productivity? Instead of a plain notepad with your logo, consider making your next company gift a Rocketbook! Sure, branded merch feels super official, but who would want just a pen or a pop socket when you could have the notebook with Cloud capability.

Create an atmosphere of cohesion!

Giving a Rocketbook as a gift sends a message to the team that you want them to flex their creativity and share what they’re working on. How many good ideas are buried in someone’s spiral notebook that are just going to waste? If the right people have access to those lists and thoughts, the potential for collaboration is endless. Small ideas can become big realities when individuals come together and build off one another. Individual creativity is important, but when everyone is working toward the same goal, the ability to see and add to a project is key!

Benefits of Rocketbooks in your office or your event:

1. Increase team collaboration.

2. Make your employees lives easier with the Rocketbook system.

3. Reduce paper waste and emphasize green initiatives.

4. Show your employees they are recognized.

5. Feel super cool. Trust us. It's been tested.

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