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From the Cutting Room Floor: What You Didn't See on Rocketbook's Shark Tank Segment

May 13, 2017 2 min read

From the Cutting Room Floor: What You Didn't See on Rocketbook's Shark Tank Segment

Since our Shark Tank episode aired, folks have been asking why so many key Rocketbook features weren't mentioned on the show. The answer is simple: editing. The TV segment lasted for about six minutes, but filming took close to an hour. Here is some detail that ended up on the cutting room floor.

Q: Doesn't the ability to reuse Rocketbook instead of wasting paper and killing trees have huge environmental appeal? Why wasn't this mentioned?

We mentioned it in the studio, but it didn't make it into the episode. Rocketbook customers love the fact that they don't have to keep running to the store to buy notebooks that will only be thrown away!

Q: Wasn't Mr. Wonderful wrong about the cost economics? $1.90 for a regular notebook doesn't sound right.

It's not. You would only pay $2 for a notebook if it had a very low page count AND it was purchased in a bulk pack of 5 or more. Most standard notebooks you see at office stores are closer to $4-$6 each. When you factor in reusability (Wave can be reused up to 5 times, officially, though many users get a dozen or more uses out of their books), the economics of Rocketbook Wave are comparable or better to those of traditional notebooks. And unlike those notebooks, Rocketbook lets you sync your notes to the cloud. The $2 notebooks don't use Rocketbook's seven-symbol system and are not a fair comparison product.

Q: Is the market for digital note-taking moving toward iPads and other electronics?

A: Our observation has been that people want choice, and that many people will continue to choose pen and paper. People who like gadgets may choose hardware for their note-taking needs. But Rocketbook isn't a gadget. It's a notebook. Our customers prefer to avoid the cost and hassle of clunky devices that need charging, that could be damaged or lost, or that require a change in habit. Rocketbook can be used anywhere, no matter how unplugged you are. For our base, the simplicity of a notebook is a huge plus.

Q: How can your company be profitable if you are eradicating the need for people to buy more notebooks from you?

People who love Rocketbook become so excited about the product that they tend to buy more than one. The average order on our web site is for three books, and we have other products (such as Rocketbook Everlast, Rocketpad and Rocketbook One) which each serve a different purpose. Most of our customers integrate numerous Rocketbook products into their work flows. Also, Rocketbook Wave can be used for at least five times but will eventually need replacement. Only Rocketbook Everlast can be used infinitely.

Q: What has happened to Rocketbook since Shark Tank?

A: Glad you asked. Check out this awesome video!


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