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Announcing Our Photo Contest Winners!

April 02, 2017 2 min read

Announcing Our Photo Contest Winners!

We asked and you answered. 80 of you, to be exact. Our call for photos of real Rocketbook users posing with their books was an amazing success! It was so difficult to choose five winners that we ended up with six. Technically, it's still five people. Considering the sixth winner is a dog...

Lee Hunter Jr. - Decontamination Specialist

The Everlast notebook is perfect, as it can be used onsite without fear of being easily torn or dirty. Because it’s lightweight, notes and drawings can be revised on the spot. The easy upload of pages for storage is also great.The drawing in the photos is the vessel we are standing in front of. The other photos show the book in use with offshore process and riser platforms in the background.”

Fred Sanchez - Film Crew Member
“On location with my Rocketbook.So many crew members love this notebook!”

Ruby (2 Years Old) - Professional Cutie

"Mycousin [Denise Luhman] is a property manager. She uses her Rocketbook Everlast instead of scratch paper so that my generation will have trees and fresh air when I am her age!"

Sara Frey - School Librarian and ALA Award winner

As a librarian and instructional coach, my notebooks are the most important technology I use. I've cleared the Wave in hotel microwaves during conferences and I keep a secret stash of Frixion pens in my office.I am receiving an award from the American Library Association (ALA) this weekend at the ALA annual conference, and of course I brought my Rocketbooks. I've been a backer since the first campaign!”

Dayna Dreger - Canine Geneticist, and Her Melon Collie

“I have one of your kickstarted Everlast notebooks and I love it. I'm a canine geneticist and use it to take notes in lab meetings, at conferences, and while brainstorming.”

Erich Goebel - Ph.D Student, Structural Biology

“Absolutely love my Rocketbook Everlast and I use it everyday to take lab notes. The digital functionality has seriously impressed my PI, who bought one for himself! “

Thanks so much again to everyone who entered! And keep your eyes peeled--you may see photos of you and your Rocketbook in future postings. And, remember, you can send us pictures of you and your Rocketbook any time you want (use to get in on weekly giveaways for AWESOME user pictures!


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