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Alternate Ways to Erase The Rocketbook Wave (But, Seriously, Stick to the Microwave)

July 19, 2017 2 min read

Alternate Ways to Erase The Rocketbook Wave (But, Seriously, Stick to the Microwave)

We all know the obvious way to erase the Rocketbook Wave (get it? The “Wave” as in microwave?), but what if yours is not big enough, or doesn’t have a rotating center plate? You canstill find ways to reuse pages that have been used with any Pilot FriXion pen, marker or highlighter.

How is this magic possible? Pilot FriXion ink turns clear at 140 degrees F / 60 degrees C, and the Rocketbook Wave is specially constructed to be microwave safe and the pages are safe for other heat that conforms to these temperatures. Each Rocketbook includes one FriXion pen and you can buy more on Pilot Frixion products on Amazon and in retail stores.

With that said, we’ve come up with some alternative ways to erase your notebook. But don’t go crazy getting too creative (pyromaniacs: we’re looking at you. Put that silly blowtorch away.). Going overboard may result in fire, personal injury, your partner divorcing you, or being mercilessly heckled by your friends. Consider yourself warned.

  • FriXion...we mean friction. Get it? We can only speculate on this, because Pilot makes the pens, but the nub at the tip of your pen actually doubles as an eraser. The friction from rubbing back and forth typically create sufficient temperature to erase the ink. Clearly, erasing entire pages would become tedious using this method, so we still recommend the microwave.

  • Blow dryer: For all the ladies out there (and gentlemen with super suave hair) this will be an easy option for you! Plug it in and watch your notes and sketches erase like magic. And, in case it wasn’t obvious, avoid the spiral bindings and aim for the middle. Again, blow-drying all your pages clean would take awhile. So, it’s probably best to stick to the microwave.

  • Order hot Chinese takeout and use your Wave as a placemat: Have you ever been studying for hours and put your takeout on your notebook or skipped your lunch break and the only space open for your delicious meal is on top of your paperwork? Yea, me too. This method doubles as a way to erase the contents. So there’s a win for the end of a long day. But ordering takeout every time you want to erase a page could turn into an expensive habit. Better to just invest in a microwave.

  • A flat iron: I know. More hair products. But if you have a flat iron with temperature control, our pages will withstand 140 degrees. But, be warned--higher temperatures could scald your pages and stain them. At unsafe temperatures, paper may catch on fire. Want to avoid calling the fire brigade? Why not just use a microwave?

  • If you have taken the time to seriously ponder these possibilities then you may have gathered that it’s best (and fastest!) to stick to the microwave and use as directed. If you really don’t have access to a microwave and you want to be able to erase your pages, we recommend that you try Rocketbook Everlast (pages erase with a damp cloth!) instead.


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