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Rocketbook Student Referral Program
Want to make some extra cash over the school year? Why not use that book you've got in your bag to do it! We are looking for students from around the UK to become brand ambassadors for Rocketbook. Using your initiative and provided materials, we want you to help get more students using Rocketbook.
We give you a special code which will give someone a discount, you then just have to get it out there however you want.
The best part about it?
- Make money each time someone buys using your unique code
- Get free units and new products before they're available to everyone else.
Refer a friend/classmate or anyone who might be interested to Rocketbook and earn money for every purchase that uses your referral code.
We are looking for a handful of self-starting students from each UK University who want to make money.

Interested? Just fill in this form and we will get back to you ASAP.

Use Rocketbook to upload and store all your notes on any of the below cloud services:
Upload your note instantly to the cloud

How it Works

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Earn cash for every friend
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